Let’s Reinvent

Hello, hello! Sorry for the long MIA but glad to be back now. Today I quickly want to share the joy of being able to style something that is over a decade old by just adding another fun element to it. It is my Floral halter dress that I bought for my bachelorette trip to Goa with my girlfriends back in 2007 and rediscovered it while packing for my recent move to Chennai. For me, the thrill of styling lies in […]

Variety is the Spice of Life – Appreciate it!

Ever looked into the mirror and wished you had a prettier face, a lighter skin tone, rounder eyes or a heavier bust? I have, many times, and there’s nothing wrong in wishing for things, especially if some of these things can be worked for and achieved, like a sharper jawline or maybe those toned arms and legs but most of the other physical entities are often harder to reverse unless you are willing to go under the knife or have […]

Spill the Beans – 5 Tips and Tricks to Amp Up your Fashion Game!

Bored of wearing that Zara shirt like everyone else? Upset about accidental outfit “twinnings”? Well, join the club! Hence, I like to put my outfits together in such a way that even if I am caught wearing the same skirt as my neighbor, it would never be styled identically to her’s. My flavor is anything but Plain Vanilla and if you are someone who likes experimenting as much as I do, read on to know more about my secrets (and […]

The Black and The White

Black! The color of power, fear, mystery and rebellion, the color of death and negativity, but yet there is so much sophistication and beauty. White, an inherently positive color, filled with purity, light, goodness, spirituality, yet too much of its brightness can cause a headache. But isn’t that the case for everything? Every good has an evil and yet not all is evil! Just like my recent move to this hot humid city in the Sothern part of India. Coming from […]

Satliva – The Drug Your Skin Will Cherish Forever!

Hemp! A close cousin of Marijuana! High Already? Well, so am I, on this 100% Organic, Chemical and Paraben free skin and hair care brand – SATLIVA!!! About 10 days back, I had the good fortune of visiting an Organic Brands Manufacturing Unit that dealt primarily with Hemp Seeds, Satliva! It was a meet-up like none other where we got to make our own soap from scratch using oils extracted from this super seed called Hemp along with other essential […]

Feel Coachella in NE India

It’s Coachella season! And I couldn’t help put together a look for it. Now I would be lying if I said this look came naturally to me, it didn’t. I drew inspiration from one of Kendall Jenner’s Coachella looks from last year. This dress, from Forever21, was love at first sight and I had different things planned for it which were never realized 🙁 Plus I am in that phase of life where I have way too many unused clothes […]

Soul Talk

When I started my Instagram account (I won’t call it blogging as I was only sharing pictures of my outfits without any significant content) it was mostly to share my passion for dressing up and interacting with like-minded folks. It was just a hobby, a way to express myself and let’s say – stay occupied. Hence I never paid much attention to the writing bit of it. After a few months, when I realized this is very similar to what […]

Bloggers Meet at VLCC!

Last weekend I had the good fortune of attending the launch event of a VLCC Health Center here in Bangalore. Now like many others, I always thought of VLCC as a slimming center and was not sure about being a part of the event, but to much surprise I realized how ignorant I was about this wholesome health and beauty center. It specializes in all kinds of hair and skincare, beauty services and provides a holistic approach to all beauty […]

Be Always Blooming!

Spring is all about bright colours and florals and this Spring Summer, Pink has been one of the hottest colours on the runways and so is flower power! Needless to say I was inspired! However for this look I took it as a challenge to create something using some of my existing wardrobe rather than picking up something straight from the racks.   This floral pink top was a style steal from last spring, it is from the Masaba Gupta […]

Silk Route

Assam, a small state in the Northeastern part of India is my home state. Although I have lived in Bangalore for almost 2 decades, my roots in this place are still intact. Assam is quite well known for its Tea and Natural Oil Ores along with with its One Horned Rhinos. But what I love the most about it is the handloom industry which has been an eminent part of the Assamese Society for centuries. Almost every household boasted of […]