Sole Mate

Hey guys, how you been? Today I want to talk about one of my major weaknesses – SHOES! I have always had a shoe fetish and you can always find at least 5 pairs of shoes with me no matter where I am. I am even a hoarder and throw them away only once they start peeling or falling apart. That being said, I cant buy any random shoe as I am paranoid about the brand. You will never find […]

Twisted Tales!

Hola! Hope you had a great Diwali! I had a great time too and now facing major withdrawal symptoms. Did you dress up this Diwali? Well, I did too. Just like most of you, I generally like to dress and live in casual clothes and when the festivities come ringing, I am always perplexed about what to wear! My savior mostly is a saree borrowed from mum or the traditional Assamese Mekhela Sador, but this festive season I wanted to […]

Style that Summer Dress in 3 ways this Fall!

Hola! Sorry for long MIA. Today, I want to share something that I am extremely passionate about – Styling! (lol, dont we fashion bloggers do that daily) Now by Styling I don’t mean buying fancy clothes, wearing them once, as picked from that store and then giving them away. For me, the entire thrill of Styling lies in being able to use the same piece of garment in multiple ways, over and over again, mixing and matching them with various […]

Ayurveda, now in your trusted VLCC Wellness Center

I am a hardcore fan of old Indian ancient practices, be it Yoga or Ayurveda, Pranayamas or Meditations, I am always keen on benefitting from it all. So I was delighted to see one of my favorite brands, VLCC,  integrate Ayurveda as one of its core services. Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old Indian medical science that includes the use of various herbs, oils and massages to benefit not only the physical body but also benefits the overall being of an individual. […]

Motherhood and beyond!

Motherhood has been the biggest blessing of my life. It’s been a 6-year long adventure that I wouldn’t miss for anything else. I had my daughter when I was 28 years old and had gained 27 kgs in the process. Now, every time I mention that I am a mother, someone somewhere is sure to look at me in disbelief! Not like I don’t enjoy the compliments that follow! But the point is, why are mothers expected to look a […]

Let’s Reinvent

Hello, hello! Sorry for the long MIA but glad to be back now. Today I quickly want to share the joy of being able to style something that is over a decade old by just adding another fun element to it. It is my Floral halter dress that I bought for my bachelorette trip to Goa with my girlfriends back in 2007 and rediscovered it while packing for my recent move to Chennai. For me, the thrill of styling lies in […]

Variety is the Spice of Life – Appreciate it!

Ever looked into the mirror and wished you had a prettier face, a lighter skin tone, rounder eyes or a heavier bust? I have, many times, and there’s nothing wrong in wishing for things, especially if some of these things can be worked for and achieved, like a sharper jawline or maybe those toned arms and legs but most of the other physical entities are often harder to reverse unless you are willing to go under the knife or have […]

Spill the Beans – 5 Tips and Tricks to Amp Up your Fashion Game!

Bored of wearing that Zara shirt like everyone else? Upset about accidental outfit “twinnings”? Well, join the club! Hence, I like to put my outfits together in such a way that even if I am caught wearing the same skirt as my neighbor, it would never be styled identically to her’s. My flavor is anything but Plain Vanilla and if you are someone who likes experimenting as much as I do, read on to know more about my secrets (and […]

The Black and The White

Black! The color of power, fear, mystery and rebellion, the color of death and negativity, but yet there is so much sophistication and beauty. White, an inherently positive color, filled with purity, light, goodness, spirituality, yet too much of its brightness can cause a headache. But isn’t that the case for everything? Every good has an evil and yet not all is evil! Just like my recent move to this hot humid city in the Sothern part of India. Coming from […]

Satliva – The Drug Your Skin Will Cherish Forever!

Hemp! A close cousin of Marijuana! High Already? Well, so am I, on this 100% Organic, Chemical and Paraben free skin and hair care brand – SATLIVA!!! About 10 days back, I had the good fortune of visiting an Organic Brands Manufacturing Unit that dealt primarily with Hemp Seeds, Satliva! It was a meet-up like none other where we got to make our own soap from scratch using oils extracted from this super seed called Hemp along with other essential […]