Sheer Trouble!


Its been a while since we met; sorry for MIA. How have you been?

Today, I wish to share a look I created using one of the most trending materials of current times – Sheer! And I am obsessed with it too. As many of you know, I was in Hong Kong last month and the fashion there is fast and amazing. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a lot of street style pictures to share with you guys but I will definitely try to recreate the Sherried version of some.

Anyways, coming back to this look, it was inspired by this outfit display at H&M HK.



Now, I could have picked up the sheer dress and recreated this look, but that’s usually not how I like to dress up. I feel every look should have your own touch to it and do not believe in copy things as is. So once back, dug up my closet to find these existing sheer pieces and hence came this look.

So what do you guys think? Do you like it?

Until next time,

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