Color me Red!

Red – the color of Blood and Fire, the color of Love and Passion, the color of Energy and Confidence and the color we wear in February! Cause it the month of Love!

Personally I don’t have even a single romantic bone in my body and have no plans for the V-day as well. But that wasn’t going to stop me from dressing up. So what better time then to flaunt my beautiful red jumpsuit which had been lying in my closet for over 6 months (yes, I am a hoarder :P).

Since the jumpsuit already had beautiful silver detailing on both the front and back, decided to pull my hair into a top bun to show that off, kept my accessories minimal with just a pair of silver earrings, wore a pearl studded ring and strapped stilettoes to finish my look. As this was more of a night look, decided to carry my fur shrug to keep me warm but couldn’t use it intensively during the shoot because of the sun :P. For the makeup, I just went with nude lips and mild smokey eyes as I didn’t want the complete look to be too dramatic.

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