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Last weekend I had the good fortune of attending the launch event of a VLCC Health Center here in Bangalore.
Now like many others, I always thought of VLCC as a slimming center and was not sure about being a part of the event, but to much surprise I realized how ignorant I was about this wholesome health and beauty center. It specializes in all kinds of hair and skincare, beauty services and provides a holistic approach to all beauty related concerns.

Each VLCC Center has its in-house doctors and dermatologist who provides an array of latest, well-researched customized solutions after a thorough analysis of each client. Most of the tests are done using a cheek swab.

Some of the services provided include advance treatments like the famous Vampire facelifts which rejuvenates one’s face and removes signs of ageing like colour change and sagging skin because of loss of blood, muscle and collagen. All this is achieved by drawing a small amount (8ml) of blood from the patient, extracting the platelet rich plasma and re-injecting it which then acts as a growth factor for the skin. That simple! A similar process exists for faster hair growth as well.

The other interesting think I learned during this visit was the skin brightening/lightening procedure, something that is quite popular in the glamour industry. This is done by giving regulated doses of an already present body antioxidant called Glutathione.

With such advance solutions in their menu, one would wonder why is it perceived as a slimming center? Well, when it was launched way back in 1989, the center saw a lot of people who came to lose weight and as even back then they their treatments took every health aspect into account, people saw effective results. Hence the word spread about VLCC being the must visit center for weight loss patient and people began to look at it for effective slimming treatments. Phew! Now I know 😀

Some of the other tips and takeaways around general skin and hair care tips that I brought back with me were:

  1. High protein and Omega acid diets give you faster hair growth and better skin.
  2. High protein, low carb diets will also take care of PCOS which is very common in women these days. Some of the symptoms to PCOS could be as simple as pimples on the chin, thicker hair growth around the nipples and chin along with weight gain.
  3. In case of acne, it’s best to let your pimples heal before doing any kind of treatment or makeup coverage on them.
  4. Daily skin care should include cleansing (which opens the pores), toning (to close them again) and moisturizing. Application of sunscreen is a must and should be repeated every 4 hours as the effect fades by that time. A night cream should be used before going to bed at night.
  5. After a sunburn, the skin should be allowed to heal, the only tropical application that is advised is Aloe Vera to cool it down. Any de-tanning treatment should be started only once the burn heals.
  6. Chemical peels remove the external layer of skin, hence skin protection is most important after such peels. Sunscreens do not provide 100% protection, its advisable to provide extra protection by using umbrellas and even covering your face.
  7. Anti-ageing creams should be started at the age of 25.
  8. Derma-rollers help in getting rid of scars.

Must dos – Drink 6 to 8 liters of water daily to keep your skin hydrated. Effects of skin dehydration can be seen on all parts of the body.

Should Avoid – Touching skin all the time, which transfers various micro-organisms that can cause acne.

VLCC also offers a range of beauty treatments like Eye Lash and Nail Extensions, Laser Hair Reduction, Microblading/Microstroking of brows to name a few apart from the regular beauty services.

I loved spending my day at the newly open center in HSR Layout (right next to NIFT, Bangalore) with its amazing team and our awesome host Sushmita Verma. As it was a bloggers meet I met some amazingly stylish bloggers and loved connecting with them. Overall this was definitely my highlight of the month. 😀

Us Bloggers 😀

Our Gorgeous host – Sushmita Verma!

These beauties getting massages!

Coming to my outfit for the event, I have been obsessed with sheer and had to incorporate it into my look. Hence I wore this amazing sheer dress I bought from Koovs and have already worn it once here. I decided to team it with flared denims and a pleather bralet, wore my new perspex shoes and accessories with a rather unusual old pearl choker, completed my look with my latest obsession, the clear aviators 😀

Here’s how you can buy all these items –

Sheer dress, Bralette, Denims,  (unfortunately the Shoes and Aviators are out of stock at the moment but shoes are from Truffle Collection available at Jabong and the reading glasses are from Forever21)

Hope this was useful guys!

Until next time,

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19 thoughts on “Bloggers Meet at VLCC!

  1. I read all your posts immediately love, may be a little less vocal but be assured that I do ❤

    Amazing beauty and skin insights and you being a slayer as usual in that on point OOTD😘

    1. Rachna, I bought mine from Dubai but never used it actively. Now that I am, I see results.
      You can buy online, check amazon/snapdeal/ebay. Mine is 1mm thick. Apparently less than 1mm is not effective for scars. It could be a little painful, so advise you to use it mildly and please do not use on any active acne or open wounds. If you want the exact links I can attach that as well. Let me know. <3

  2. Always been a VLCC lover myself and upon reading this, got to know so much! Thank you for the elaborate write up! ☺

  3. Forever a fan of yours💕 Finally the awaited post is here😍 These beauty and skin insights will definitely help me more; learnt a few more techniques, keep posting more! Nailing much in this VLCC look 😘 #giveaway #sherried #contestalert

  4. Nice blog dear ….you explain each and every things with perfection😘😘😘😘thankyou so much for sharing skin and hair care tips…. definitely I’ll follow….I love vlcc services

  5. I really had no idea VLCC was into so many things. Love the post and thanks for sharing the skincare tips! Can definitely use some of them. By the way, you look great in that sheer outfit! ☺

    1. Ya, I was surprise to hear all this too. So glad I attended this session 🙂
      Thanks love, like we know, we have similar taste…I like what you do and you like mine <3

  6. Great post. Slightly offtopic, I am in the midst of getting my girlfriend a steamy present and I am thinking along the lines of lingerie. I am currently looking at Peaches and Screams ( and was wondering whether anyone has any experience with this online lingerie shop? What would you guys recommend I get my girlfriend? The last thing I want to do is offend her so I am looking for sensible lingerie suggestions – nothing too extreme. Thank you in advance!

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