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When I started my Instagram account (I won’t call it blogging as I was only sharing pictures of my outfits without any significant content) it was mostly to share my passion for dressing up and interacting with like-minded folks. It was just a hobby, a way to express myself and let’s say – stay occupied. Hence I never paid much attention to the writing bit of it. After a few months, when I realized this is very similar to what fashion blogging was, I went on to read a few posts by some of the popular bloggers and quite frankly, I figured it was more like reading out the visual details, something that I didn’t quite enjoy reading or get inspired by and somewhere down in my mind I thought that is what fashion/personal blogging was about, cos hey, I am no Fashion student and had no expertise on the subject, what I saw is what I believed in. Well, I now realize that I hadn’t done my homework well and hence never read the good stuff. Hence I never bothered about writing as much cause I felt I wasn’t really contributing anything with my writing.

However, as my interactions on Social Media increased, I was blessed enough to meet and befriend some of the amazing passionate fashion bloggers who introduced me to real fashion blogging and how the fashion world was not only about posing and looking pretty in pictures but had more to it and that people in the fashion industry can talk too (lol, m sorry but it’s true – not everyone can)

Today, I stand corrected and know that some of these names are so respected not only for their work but their passion and knowledge of the subject and every day I learn so much from them. I stay humbled and aware that there is so much more to learn from this world, from each one of you….and hence today I want to share a few of the amazing fashion blogs I have come across and been so positively influenced by. If you are someone who is looking for some seriously awesome content, you must check these guys out –

Purushu Arie

Rhea Gupte

Sukhneet Wadhwa

Kayaan Contractor

And the person who introduced me to the creme de la creme, Nidhi Kunder

While I struggle to figure out how I want to take this forward, I surely know how I don’t want it to be. Now as I decide and work on creating this space with quality content, I have one persistent question – Is it important to write every time you style an outfit? What if I don’t have anything meaningful to share, do I still write about at least the inspiration behind the look? I would love to hear your thoughts.

As for this outfit, this was inspired by the yesteryear diva and fashion icon – Zeenat Aman. Her centrally parted straight hair, large sunglasses, big hoops, flared pants, everything about her has been iconic. She is one of the most fashionable ladies the Hindi movie industry has ever seen and hence I wanted to incorporate her style into my Spring look. Hope I did justice to the Diva’s effortlessly classic style.

Outfit Details – Floral Bodysuit (also styled here) and Clear Aviators from Forever21, Denims from, Heels from Charles & Keith and Scarf from H&M

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  1. Was a pleasant surprise to find my name here xD Thank you for the love 🙂 You’ve beautifully translated Zeenat Aman’s vintage glam in the styling.

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