The Black and The White

Black! The color of power, fear, mystery and rebellion, the color of death and negativity, but yet there is so much sophistication and beauty.

White, an inherently positive color, filled with purity, light, goodness, spirituality, yet too much of its brightness can cause a headache.

But isn’t that the case for everything? Every good has an evil and yet not all is evil! Just like my recent move to this hot humid city in the Sothern part of India. Coming from a city with one of the most blessed weathers in India, my whole world shattered when I heard we were looking at an offer to move to Chennai. Not only is it hot and humid, it’s an old traditional city and life here is very different from the young Cosmo that I belong to and frankly, opinions flowing in from everywhere didn’t help either.

As the deal was very good, I decided to keep an open mind and give it a try. So it’s now been just over a week and I would be lying if I said I haven’t been enjoying this new chapter of my life. Of course it is hot and of course, the city doesn’t serve alcohol and shuts down pretty early for my liking but how can I overlook the warm-hearted helpful people going out of their way just for my comfort. How can I not be grateful about the sea breeze flowing right through my front door? How could I forget the friendly man who decides to digress and ride ahead of us just to show us the route?

I have been learning simple things in life since the day I decided to keep an open eye for life lessons, ready to unlearn and relearn whenever I could and I personally believe this has been the most fulfilling action of my life. To keep an open mind! All might be Black, but still, if we keep an open mind and leave our judgments behind, we might still be able to find that White. To maintain that balance between that Black and that White is what life should be about.

And what better way to translate my current mood than to style them! That’s when I received this golden medallion neckpiece from Toniq accessories, I instantly knew this was the piece I was looking for, for this series.

(Medallion Neckpiece – TONIQ, Dress and Heels – Koovs, Net Gloves – PrivyPleasures, Hairband with Veil – H&M)

I have been a fan and a customer of this line even before my blogging career and have aways loved how their pieces as they are so delicate yet so bold. They have a wide range of accessories to select from and the best part, they have something for every budget. Hence when they reached out for this collaboration, it didn’t take me much time to agree to it and thus took shape this Black and White series where I have style this one piece of jewelry with these two vital colors portraying very different moods.

(Medallion Neckpiece – TONIQ, White Blazer – Dorothy Perkins via Jabong, Studded Shorts – Lulu & Sky, Heels – Aldo)

Now that I found my inner calm after this BnW styles, I decided to stick to the elegance of the marble earrings and hence went for a more graceful look. Wore this pink sleeveless shirt as an off-shouldered top and paired it with a striped skirt and belted it to bring the look together. Nude heels and green eyes with a top bun completed my look.

(Earrings – TONIQ, Top – River Island via Jabong, Skirt – Dorothy Perkins via Jabong, Heels – Aldo, Belt – Myntra)

So which was your favorite look from the series? Wold be nice to know.

Until then, spread the love



3 thoughts on “The Black and The White

  1. Omg woman. Is that your new house? I loved all the three looks , the contrast between the moods and the outfits. All of them look very well thought of. You have created them beautifully ❤

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