Spill the Beans – 5 Tips and Tricks to Amp Up your Fashion Game!

Bored of wearing that Zara shirt like everyone else? Upset about accidental outfit “twinnings”? Well, join the club!

Hence, I like to put my outfits together in such a way that even if I am caught wearing the same skirt as my neighbor, it would never be styled identically to her’s. My flavor is anything but Plain Vanilla and if you are someone who likes experimenting as much as I do, read on to know more about my secrets (and share yours too in the comments)

1. Knowing your Wardrobe – It always helps if you know what’s in that huge wardrobe that you have been building over the years, like that one pink and yellow top or that striking yellow jacket, so when you are travelling or browsing through that magazine and an idea hits you, you immediately know how you could implement that idea using the pieces that you already own. For me, I usually get ideas of which outfits might work for a certain look only at bedtime, so what helps is keeping a small notebook and a pen under my pillow that I quickly jot down those ideas on. Cool right? Smartphones also come handy. Next day I try to put that implement that thought and it often works.
2. Knowing the Colours that work together – Ever wondered why Monochromes are a hit? Yes, cause some of the colors when put together with another gives stellar results.
I am someone who loves to experiment with bright bold colors all the time. So when I come across a color combination that really appeals to my visual-buds (I know there’s no word like that), I make a note and when I get a chance, I try to play with them in front of the mirror with existing pieces. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and when it doesn’t I improvise on it by either minimizing the amount of one color or removing another altogether. Print and patterns, shapes and lengths of the apparels also play a role in this; and even if you want to stick to one color you can still mix and match the patterns like lace and mesh or velvet and satin.
3. Thinking Out of the Box – This is at the core of creating that one look that is like none other, so uniquely you! Only because you bought that neckpiece from the store that labeled it as a neckpiece, you shouldn’t be reluctant to try it out as a headband or maybe a waist chain or a bracelet, even an anklet or armlet. That floral scarf that you so wished was a shrug, wear it as a shrug! There are so many ways to wear that one maxi skirt that you bought last summer, right from making it an off-shouldered dress to wearing it with a top in the same color and then bringing them together as one with a belt to give that maxi dress effect, the possibilities are endless. Never, just never stop thinking of what could be done with one outfit, you will be surprised at how many styles you can create with that one piece of clothing.
4. Knowing your Body Structure – Now I cannot emphasize enough on how important the fitting of the outfit is to achieve a certain look. Like if you are trying to achieve a snoop-dog kind of look, your clothes have to be loose! Or if you are well endowed with that heavy bust, you cannot wear that body hugging tight skirt with a broad elasticated waistband as an off shouldered top or dress and have that beautiful bosom squished and gasping for breathing space. We need to know what will work for our body type and what won’t and I think this kind of leads to the most important point of experimental fashion…
5. Being Comfortable and Confident in your clothes – Trust me, there’s no fashion without comfort and confidence! You have to own what you are wearing, your body should feel comfortable in it, should be able to breathe and not feel trapped. Once you are comfortable, the confidence will accompany.
To be very frank, there’s absolutely no right or wrong to it. If it works for you, wear it and rock it, just like I did with this bright yellow saree and that mesh top!

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