Let’s Reinvent

Hello, hello! Sorry for the long MIA but glad to be back now.

Today I quickly want to share the joy of being able to style something that is over a decade old by just adding another fun element to it. It is my Floral halter dress that I bought for my bachelorette trip to Goa with my girlfriends back in 2007 and rediscovered it while packing for my recent move to Chennai.

For me, the thrill of styling lies in being able to create a look with old, disconnected pieces and hence adding a slight individuality to the look. This dress had an elasticated back which, over time, has lost its elasticity and hence when worn, hangs loosely from the back. So for my look here, I decided to cover the back using a floral scarf, the prints of which beautifully compliments the dress but I didn’t want to simply throw on a scarf and hence decided to create a shrug with it. I did that by folding the scarf into 2 and bringing both the ends and tying them together. What resulted was a vest which when worn looks like this –

With the vest ready, I wanted to experiment with tie-up ballet shoes. As much as I love this trend, the banker in me never agreed to invest in them. Hence I decided to create my own. Took a piece of satin ribbon, tie it around my leg like the ballerinas and wore my fav Mango nude flats to give it a tie-up shoe look, and being the quirk lover I am,restricted this to just one shoe 😛

Beach waves and smokey eyes completed my makeup! Brought the look together using some accessories, like this mutichain pearl necklace from limeroad and the floral hair-tie from American Eagle used as an armband.

Do you also like to use some tips and tricks to reinvent pieces in your wardrobe? Do share. Would love to learn 🙂

Leaving you with pictures of the complete look <3


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  1. Ok, I don’t want to leave this comment but I am too tempted. The photo series reminds me of Bipasha Basu’s famous scene on the beach. Don’t exactly remember the movies name. 😀 Bollywood much?! lol

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