Motherhood and beyond!

Motherhood has been the biggest blessing of my life. It’s been a 6-year long adventure that I wouldn’t miss for anything else. I had my daughter when I was 28 years old and had gained 27 kgs in the process. Now, every time I mention that I am a mother, someone somewhere is sure to look at me in disbelief! Not like I don’t enjoy the compliments that follow!

But the point is, why are mothers expected to look a certain way? Why shouldn’t a mother, young or old, take care of herself even after having a baby and look their best, just like when she was a younger, single lady? Is the sole purpose of a woman’s life to give birth?

NO. At least in my world. So here I am to share with you what worked for me and helped me lose all that maternity weight. Oh, but before I begin, let me tell you that I had a Cesarean baby and not a normal delivery and hence had stitches that usually takes up to 2/3 months to heal. I also breastfed my daughter for a year and yes, that does make the boobs sag.

Ok, now coming to what I did then – Immediately after delivery I tied a cotton sador (dupatta like cloth) on my belly for about 2 weeks. Afterwards, I bought myself a post pregnancy tummy tucking belt and used it religiously for almost 4 months. As for my diet, I reduced my rice intake to just a few spoonfuls and instead compensated for that with bigger servings of lentils (daal), greens (sabji) and all kinds of fruits. I also drank plenty of water during this time.

Now, coming to my workout, usually doctors advise 3 months rest before one is allowed to join the gym but I just couldn’t wait so long. So I started working out after just 2 months of delivery (my body heals faster, but it’s always better to listen to your doctor’s advice). My primary workout routine included leg lifts, leg flips, scissors, mountain climbers, side planks, reverse cycling crunches, squats along with the regular lower body workout using the equipment in the gym. Most of the free hand exercises I still do and swear by. My primary motivation during this time was my wardrobe and the lakhs of rupees that I had invested in it. I just couldn’t NOT fit into them!

There were many a time when I didn’t find the time to hit the gym, especially after I rejoined work. On such days I used to make the most of my time at home, like always use the stairs instead of the lifts, never sit and watch tv, instead do some form of exercise like jumping, lunges, squats while watching that fav show and repeat the same in the kitchen while waiting for that water to boil. I even used to workout in the shower. Additionally, what really helps, a great tip shared by my yoga teacher, is to consciously suck that tummy and to keep it that way until it becomes a habit.

Apart from all this, more than diets, I believe maintaining a healthy lifestyle really helps maintain that weight and stay fit…and it’s never too early or too late. Hope you find some motivation to make tomorrow a fitter one.

Until next time <3


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    1. Aww…thank you. And yes, I truly believe all women should take care of themselves, we are the biggest gift to mankind and we are all special. Lets spread the love and lift each other up <3

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