Twisted Tales!

Hola! Hope you had a great Diwali! I had a great time too and now facing major withdrawal symptoms.

Did you dress up this Diwali? Well, I did too. Just like most of you, I generally like to dress and live in casual clothes and when the festivities come ringing, I am always perplexed about what to wear! My savior mostly is a saree borrowed from mum or the traditional Assamese Mekhela Sador, but this festive season I wanted to wear something different.

We Indians are blessed with a rich heritage and a wide range of traditions and outfits to match them. It gives me immense pleasure and pride in being able to showcase some of it. And what better a feeling than to come across a designer who believes in spreading this charm and heritage beyond borders! That’s what Couture Mantra, an Indian ethnic brand based out of Australia, does! They are known for their unconventional and out of the box ethnic designs. How was I to resist them?! 😛

As going the basic route doesn’t match my style, I picked this 2 piece lehenga inspired outfit. What caught my attention was the use of the houndstooth printed top with ruffled details. The ruffled skirt, equally pretty. Now having my outfit finalized, I had the urge to create something “artistic” (no pun intended). Luckily that’s where my amazing photographer Abhilash came in.

We trekked through old, unused railway tracks to create these beautiful images for you, even got kicked out a couple of times in the process, however, every bitter memory was forgotten at the sight of the masterpieces created by the dream weaver. And like I always say, what’s life without a slight challenge!

So here’s hoping you like our pictorial edit!

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