Hello! I am Rupjyoti Gogoi; Welcome to my world of fashion, beauty, and fitness.

I am an engineer by qualification and worked as a banker in one of the most reputed Investment Banks for almost a decade. However, my love for fashion and the constant thirst to explore more on this subject made me quit my job about 2 years back.

I am a mom to a beautiful 6-year-old and a very naughty 2-year-old Labrador and currently residing in the beautiful city of Bangalore. My family hails from the Northeastern state of Assam, however, I like to call Bangalore my home as I have been here for almost 2 decades now and the city has made me who I am today.

I am a big fan of mix-n-match and a lover of eclectic styles and often like to experiment with my style. In this space, you can expect a lot of such experimental work along with some random rants. Hope you have fun!

Thanks for stopping by! ❤