Silk Route

Assam, a small state in the Northeastern part of India is my home state. Although I have lived in Bangalore for almost 2 decades, my roots in this place are still intact. Assam is quite well known for its Tea and Natural Oil Ores along with with its One Horned Rhinos. But what I love the most about it is the handloom industry which has been an eminent part of the Assamese Society for centuries. Almost every household boasted of […]

Color me Red!

Red – the color of Blood and Fire, the color of Love and Passion, the color of Energy and Confidence and the color we wear in February! Cause it the month of Love! Personally I don’t have even a single romantic bone in my body and have no plans for the V-day as well. But that wasn’t going to stop me from dressing up. So what better time then to flaunt my beautiful red jumpsuit which had been lying in my closet for […]

Breezy Street Style

Its been over 6 months since I started sharing my personal styling with you guys. When I started I was merely doing it for fun and for the fact that I had a strong interest in the field. Little did I know that it’s such a vast world and there are already so many existing stylist and bloggers doing such fantastic work. Didn’t realize how these past 6-8 months flew by while playing with clothes and accessories. But now its […]

Sheer Trouble!

Hello! Its been a while since we met; sorry for MIA. How have you been? Today, I wish to share a look I created using one of the most trending materials of current times – Sheer! And I am obsessed with it too. As many of you know, I was in Hong Kong last month and the fashion there is fast and amazing. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a lot of street style pictures to share with you guys but I […]